August 25, 2015

HALO Flower & Concentrate

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Shatter Concentrate

Our flower and concentrate products are grown and processed exclusively in our own 30,000 sq ft Large Scale Cultivation (LSC) facility in Phoenix, Arizona.  Our growers cut no corners in developing and cultivating choice select strains in 100% organic conditions. 

Infusion of cannabis into edibles, topicals and tinctures is a core business for us, as is extraction of concentrated cannabinoids from high quality cannabis to produce shatter, wax, cartridge and oil products.

Our concentrate manufacturing process relies on state-of-the-art industrial grade light hydrocarbon extraction processes and equipment certified for medical use.

As standard operating procedure, the closed-loop butane-based extraction system removes 99.9% of the butane prior to the product entering a 72-hour vacuum purge at 150°F, followed by another 12 minute purge at 300°F to remove any trace solvents.

As a result, there are virtually no detectable impurities and all are well below established FDA, CDC, USP, and AHPA limits.  Further, our testing standards exceed those of Colorado and Washington.

Our HALO Infusions and Extractions products include shatter, wax, cannabis oil capsules, RSO, and our own very high quality oil cartridges and vape pens.