August 25, 2015

Aunt Ellie’s


Our Classic Cheeba Chip Cookie

Inspired by the tradition of fine boutique baking while combining cannabis-infusion techniques with a loving passion and knowledge of quality ingredients, our Aunt Ellie’s product family delivers the finest in infused baked medibles.

The infusion of cannabis into edible products presents unique challenges to both the manufacturer and the patient.  An experienced baker will understand the special nature of ingredients and how they work together to mask (or promote) aroma and taste.  Ensuring consistent distribution of cannabinoids in the product batch is critical and requires special care and knowledge of mixing processes and behaviors. And appropriate packaging and storage minimize potency degradation and maximize shelf life and product quality.

The result is a better tasting and more consistently medicated product.

Our Aunt Ellie’s product family includes our hugely popular brownie products and a rich selection of cookie choices.